Happily Ever​.​.​.

by Hit Home



released February 1, 2013


Cory Best - Drums/Bass
Angelo Gambatesa - Guitar/Vocals/Bass
Mateo Garcia - Guitar/Vocals

Group vocals provided by Dylan Sylvester, Dillon Cahill, Grayson Kirtland, Max Monahan, Ryan Bernardo, Ryan Halberg, Chance Wells, Karli Halberg, Chris Intravaia, Umanand Kovvuri, David J. Caalaman, and the mystery man Alex.

Engineered and Mixed by Ben Walding




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Track Name: Show & Tell
Years of mirrors broken through growing.
Growing through broken mirrors of years.
Track Name: Yearning
I keep waking up in different places
thinking I've never left them
And it's the same light that lulls me to sleep.
I miss the way bodies fit into each other.
I'm warmth deprived and i get scared because I can't remember
the last things I said to my friends before I left.
It's new dealing with distance,
thinking if everything will be the same when I get back.
Until then I'll sleep on other peoples hardwood floors,
organizing thoughts on tiles in the ceiling to kill time.
I'm turning present tense to past and it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Track Name: Per Se
I've narrowed myself down to a good friend as if that's all I could ever be. Confined myself to a vague definition of what value really means,
and I doubt that I have it in me.
Hypothetically speaking.
A humble attempt to plan our worries accordingly and salvage what we own,
able hands with nothing to hold.
Open arms cold shoulders I swear insides warmer.
I just have to learn to confront the fact there's nothing I can do about this.
I'll stay choked up about this forever.
Track Name: Bedthreats
I will tuck myself in with another fleeting failure.
And craft a lullaby out of your broken promises.
Promise this, that fiction is dismissed between lovers lips.
I'll leave the closet door open knowing I'll end up there one day.
And for now let the monsters and the darkness have their way.
We're not the same when the lights go out.
These sheets have a pulse and my heartbeat won't align.
Temporary permanence,
a cut beneath the skin.